• Dhiraj Singh

    FAA CPL holder 2009

    I returned back from USA in FEB 2013 due to personal reasons and had a very short time to put my papers for conversion before my hours would start getting lapsed.I came in contact with one of my fellow student who was in the same school as i was in USA with whom i got to know about Capt Dipak Asatkar. And i decided to start my ground classes from him . i took the Navigation classes from him and following are the my testimonial regarding Capt Dipak's ground classes.

    1) He is a very learned and efficient ground instructor with excellent basic information regarding Aviation and science in General.
    2) He takes effort to understands students mindset and knowledge and accordingly changes his way of teaching for optimal result.
    3) Good temperament and friendly nature helps students understand the teachings efficiently .
    4) Teaches with examples and makes the students do as many examples of a topic as possible to completely understand the subject.
    5) He gives Regular homework and checks it the following day and does not move ahead if the concept is not clear.
    6) He is always available to clear doubts off the class incase you are confused or stuck at a place.
    7) Have current knowledge of Aviation subjects and teaches as per the syllabus prescribed by DGCA .
    8) Takes regular tests to check the performance and knowledge and growth of an individual.
    9) Finally he is also reasonable in terms of the fee that he takes from students compared to the others in market and can be considerate if need be.

    i had an excellent experience of the Navigation classes that i took from him and cleared my paper with 83% in the first attempt, thus saving my self from the trouble of getting my hours lapsed and was able to submit my papers in time and got my license converted recently hence i would strongly recommend students to approach him for their ground classes if they are looking for clearing the exams in couple of attempts.

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  • Keziyar Wadia

    FAA CPL holder 2009

    I Keziyar Wadia would like to first and foremost thank you for all your wonderfull help and guidance without which I wouldn't have fared so far in aviation . Secondly I would like to thank Dipak sir and the entire team of speed jet aviation for the tireless efforts they put into teaching us , preparing examinations and Q&A sheets to train us to the utmost level of performance.

    Having completed my Commercial Pilot License training from USA and hearing so much about the difficulty in clearing DGCA papers I was very scared and sceptical at first if I would be able to clear the examinations . Fortunately the very first class itself cleared all my doubts and negativity regarding the examinations because of the sheer grace,confidence and experience that Dipak Sir taught us with.Being a pilot himself and knowing the difficulties faced by candidates appearing for the examinations it was nothing short of a miracle to be taught by him.There was never an occassion where we were put down or scolded at for not understanding something.Even if it would take the whole day to make us understand something , it was done . The best part about the ground school is the orals everyday,unlike other ground training instutions which concentrate only on teaching everyday without bothering to see if the student has understood anything ; Speed Jet Aviation took a different path all together. Everyday we were told to study whatever we were taught previously and questions on all those topics were asked without fail the next day to see to it whether what is taught has been absorbed and understood properly or not . This very practice made us more than 50% ready itself before the examinations because there wasn't a single day we wouldn't know about the previous topics that were taught.The painstaking efforts to specially formulate question papers for examinations practice according to the current DGCA format was also commendible and a confidence booster.

    Very frankly I don't think it would have been possible for me to pass all 3 papers i.e. Regulations,Navigation (composite) & Radio Aids in the first attempt itself had it not been for Dipak sir and the entire team of Speed Jet Aviation. Hats off to the patience and dedication put in and kudos for teaching us and making time inspite of having such a busy schedule. Thank you Dipak sir .Thankyou Speed Jet Aviation.

    Regards, Keziyar Wadia.

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  • Sharmeen Magra

    FAA CPL holder 2009

    Speed Jet Aviation helped me in many ways to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. A special thank you to Deepak sir who conducted an excellent class. He is very dedicated and most committed - always doing his best to achieve optimal results for his students. He's very nice, knowledgable, patient and helpful...even after class he was very willing to help and research issues we had. His thorough knowledge of the subject was impressive. He always took care to answer our questions and clear any doubts before proceeding. Excellent job!

    Regards, Sharmeen Magra

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