Course details:

A short duration, high impact training course with 100% job search assistance.

The three month intensive cabin crew course modules have been designed and curated by Rhea Wadhwa an accomplished, senior ex-airline flight attendant who has firsthand knowledge of what airlines are looking for in a flight attendant.

The training includes two sections with theoretical and practical components for both and contains information that any person applying for the job of cabin crew should be aware of and well versed with.

Module 1: In-Flight in depth

Module 2: Personality Development

Module 1: In-Flight in depth

  1. Introduction to the aviation world and airline industry terminology.
  2. History of aviation.
  3. Theory of flight; the effect of the weather on aviation operations.
  4. Being a good team player: Crew room duties
  5. Grooming: General etiquette and image enhancement.
  6. Conversational proficiency.
  7. Product and service equipment familiarization.
  8. Understanding the basics of customer service, safety and comfort of passengers.
  9. Learning to anticipate passenger requirements.
  10. Food and beverage to include wine, spirits and cheese.
  11. Developing the customer service attitude and personality.
  12. Guest Delight: Mastering the art of delivering world class service.
  13. In‐flight Sales Management: Selling skills.
  14. Delivering Effective Cabin Announcements: Diction, vocabulary and finesse.
  15. Interview delivery skills.
  16. Basic aviation safety training and first aid training.

Module 2: Personality Development

  1. Career counseling.
  2. Grooming, general etiquette and image management.
  3. Confidence and motivation.
  4. Conversational proficiency.
  5. Developing the emotional quotient: Effective people management skills.
  6. Cultivating a service oriented personality and attitude.
  7. Capitalizing on strengths and recognizing areas of development.
  8. Understanding the basics of customer service, safety and comfort of passengers.
  9. Soft skills orientation.
  10. Interview skills.

On completion of this certificate course, you will be in a position to face the interview with confidence; your chances of being employed with the airline of your choice will be distinctly improved; and you will also have an advantage when the airline’s own cabin crew training begins.

The Speed Jet Aviation Training Academy course will empower you with the essential skills required by anyone who harbours a dream of flying with an airline as a member of its cabin crew.


  • Higher Secondary Course or 12th Grade.<br />
  • Candidates will be selected by way of personal counseling and profiling.